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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

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Integrative & Therapeutic Massage is a blend of various massage techniques, including swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, hot stones, & reflexology, custom designed every session, with your special issues in mind, whether it be sport injury or just everyday life creating chronic pain, to relax your body & mind. We can work with your physical therapist or primary care provider to create just the right protocol for ongoing treatment. Hand or foot scrubs may be included, time allowing, in 90 minutes session. $75 per hour & packages starting as low as $65 per hour.

Pre-Natal Massage is specially focused & modified, throughout the pregnancy, to meet the mother-to-be's changing needs. $75 per hour & packages starting as low as $65 per hour

Reiki is an universal energy-minded technique. Healing is accomplished through working, honoring, & clearing the human energy field through balancing the chakras and with gentle contact at the essential reiki positions. $60 per hour

Reflexology is a hands on technique, performed mainly on the feet, but hands may be used if feet are sensitive or painful. Focus is on incorporating meridian therapy to stimulate & revitalize the energy flow throughout the body & help lead the body back to a state of balance. $60 per hour

Hot Stone Massage is an amazing, totally relaxing, full body hot stone massage, performed with specially selected essential oil blends and hand-picked stones from the mountains of Peru. This massage is performed in an Ayurveda-minded manner, honoring the mind-body-universe connection. 90-Minutes Session $125

Spa Services include wonderful body treatments such as herbal detox wraps, clay wraps, & full body, sugar or salt, exfoliation (glow) combined with a massage. Starting at $175 for 2.5 hours session

In Home Massage is available on a limited basis to existing clients. I will bring my table to your home, provided you have an appropriate space. We need a clear, 10' by 10' area to work in. Please note, some of the wonderful "special touches" are not available when I travel, such as hot towels, heated stones, etc.. $25 travel fee added to first hour. If travel time exceeds 30 minutes, additional travel fee may apply.

All fees are what you pay, no gratuity expected!


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